We are exporting all product that we have in our Country Specially our foodstuff   

Company established in 2012 in Cairo, Egypt and the export department is established in 2016

We have been in the food business and we understand the importance of delivering a superior product  

  • 100 grams of apples contains 10 grams of sugars
  • One hot pepper can contain 6 times as much vitamin A as an orange
  • Kiwi fruit juice helps to treat acidity in the stomach

  • That the oldest fruit fossils have been found dating back to 52 million years in South America, Which is a tomato
  • That tomatoes protect against cancer because they contain lycopene 

Health benefits of Orange

Cancer prevention
Improves Vision
High in copper
Improves Digestion
Lowers cholesterol
Improves Memory 
Blood Clean Sit
Clears skin
Removes Poor Digestion
Improve eyes Health

Season Products 

Frozen products are available all year


From Mars. to July .


From May to july.


From july. To Oct.  


From Aug. To Oct.    


All the year 

Color pepper

From Aug. To Dec.


From Nov. To Jun.


From May. To Sep.  


From Sep. to Dec.


From Feb. to Aug.


From Oct. to Jan.

Green Peas

From Nov. To Mar.  


All The Year


From Mar. To Dec.


From Nov. To Mar.  


From Apr. to dec.


Red-colored fruits: this group of fruits contains a number of antioxidants, including anthocyanins as in red berries, ellagic acid found in strawberries, raspberries, and pomegranate.

 Orange-colored fruits: Orange-like fruits contain high amounts of carotenoids, including alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, where the body converts beta-carotene to vitamin A, which plays an important role in supporting the health of the immune system, maintaining Skin health, eye and eyesight.

 Yellow-colored fruits: grapefruit and pineapple also contain beta-carotene, and this group also contains a powerful antioxidant known as beta-cryptosanthin, and some studies have shown that a slight increase in the intake of beta-cryptosanthin can reduce the risk of infection With inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

 Blue or purple fruits: cherries and purple grapes contain the antioxidant anthocyanins that give this fruit a blue and purple color. It may also help protect cells from damage, and reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

 White-colored fruits: this group contains anthocyanins that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and arthritis, as bananas belong to this group and are rich in potassium which is important for the health of the heart and muscles, and pears belong to this group; where Its shell contains the fibers that contribute to maintaining a healthy digestive system, and it can also reduce the risk of some types of cancer.

We are distinguished by the quality of our product and the possibility of having the special specifications required by the customer .