Who we are ?

Our company Established in 2012 in Cairo , Egypt , and Export department is established in 2017 ,
Our Vision is to export Fresh and frozen Food From Our country Egypt to all over the world 
with the best Quality , prices , and packing  .
Clothes department is established in 2021 
we have our main Factory to produce our product .
Our goals is to achieve successful agreements and create trust between our company and the client 

Natural Olive Oil

100% Natural Olive Oil & Contains the basic natural elements that the human body needs .
Malika Oil is extracted in a natural way to preserve the nutritional value it contains 
it also features with a delicious taste & strong aroma .
It's used in : Cooking   -    Cosmetology   -   treatment   .

We have two Departments in our Factory 

* Export Food industry 

* Export Clothes  


Industrial Zone , Factory Number 198 , Badr city , Cairo